Financial Obligations and Expenses

Students with financial obligations to Science & Arts are not eligible to receive the services of the university and will not be issued transcripts or diplomas. These students are not eligible for further enrollment until the debt has been resolved in the Business Office.

Science & Arts does not have any policies that penalize in any way a VA beneficiary for delayed payment by the VA. Science & Arts will not charge out-of-state tuition to any students living in Oklahoma that are utilizing Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 33 or Chapter 35 VA education benefits.

Delinquent accounts will be subject to additional costs, such as collection and legal fees, interest, and any other approved costs of collection.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

2022-23 Academic Year

  12-18 Hrs
Estimated Tuition ($221/hr) $3,315
Basic Student Fees ($55/hr) $825
Estimated Academic Service Fee $360
Book Cost Estimate $600
Academic Term Total $5,100
Out-of-state tuition: additional $373/hr
Guaranteed tuition rate: $254/hr (2023-24)

Estimated On-Campus Living Expenses (per term):

Sparks Housing Rates:

Double Occupancy Room $1,915
Private Room w/shared bath $2,910

Robertson Housing Rates:

Double Occupancy Room $1,915

Lawson Court Housing Rates:

4 bdrm furnished apartment $2,910
2 bdrm furnished apartment $3,505

Lawson Court Summer Housing Rates:

4 bdrm furnished apartment $2,770
2 bdrm furnished apartment $3.340

Meal Plans:

19 Cafeteria meals + $250 FLEX $2,250
14 Cafeteria meals + $200 FLEX $2,110
12 Cafeteria meals + $200 FLEX $1,905
5 Cafeteria meals + $500 FLEX (Commuter & Lawson only) $1,500

FLEX can be used in the cafeteria, Dusty’s, the coffee shop, and the convenience store. FLEX rolls from the fall term to the spring term and is non-refundable. If students run low on meals or FLEX, Drover Bucks may be purchased with the following discount structure applying:

$100-249 = 5% discount

$250-399 = 10% discount

$400+ = 15% discount

Deposits are required with housing contracts:

Sparks $200
Lawson Court $200

Estimated cost for an Oklahoma student taking 12-18 hours and living in Sparks Residence Hall with 14 Cafeteria meals is $9,125 per term or $18,250 for Fall/Spring.

Estimated cost for an Oklahoma student taking 12-18 hours and living in a 4-bedroom apartment in Lawson Court with 14 Cafeteria meals is $10,120 per term or $20,240 for Fall/Spring.

*Does not include any academic course-based fees.

Special Fees, Charges, and Expenses

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Local Administration Fee
National (CLEP) Fee 
Assessment test fee after two attempts (per test)
Residual ACT Fee
Proctor Test Administration Fee
15.00 per test
 Institutionally Prepared Exam for Advanced Standing Credit
$5.00/credit hour
Art Laboratory $10/course
Application Fee $50.00
Audit Same charge as for credit
Books and Classroom Supplies Approx. $100/course
International Student Record Fee $15/term
Late Enrollment Fee $15.00
Special Music Instruction $50/course
Re-enrollment after Withdrawal $5.00
Remedial Course Fee (in addition to regular tuition) $20/credit hour
Science Laboratory $30/course
Tutorial Fee $30/course
Mission Enhancement Fee $60/per credit hour
Freshman Experience Fee $100
Parking Fee $30/annually
Student ID Replacement $25.00

John Morris Speech & Language Clinic (for non-Science & Arts students)

Speech and Language Evaluation $30.00
Speech and Language Screening $15.00
Therapy (approximately 23 therapy sessions) $60/term

John Morris Speech & Language Clinic (for Science & Arts Students)

Speech, one voice and/or language evaluation (includes tests, measurements, and interviews required for initial evaluation and diagnosis). $10.00
Therapy sessions prepaid by the month (Therapy sessions for speech, voice, and language disorders may take from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the needs of the client. Most clients will be seen for individual sessions, but some may be treated in small groups, depending on the needs of the individual. Therapy may include one or more sessions per week, depending on the needs of the client). $20.00

Collection of Fees and Tuition

  1. General enrollment fees and nonresident tuition and other fees are due on or prior to the first day of class.
  2. Late payment (payment after the first day of classes) will require payment in full of the regular fees and tuition amounts plus a $25 monthly Late Payment Fee, and interest charges may be assessed.
  3. Special arrangements for deferred payment must be approved and documented with the Business Office.
  4. For convenience, the Business Office accepts Discover Card, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express for full or installment payments.

Refund of Fees and Tuition

A student incurs financial obligation at the time of enrollment for classes. If a student wants to withdraw, he or she must officially withdraw in person or by letter. Not attending class is not a withdrawal and the student is still financially responsible for the charges. Science & Arts complies with current federal and state withdrawal/refund policies.

Students who add or drop a class or completely withdraw from the institution during the add/drop period will receive full credit on their bill for courses dropped or full charges for courses added. No refunds will be made after the add/drop period for that session.

Refund of Room and Board

In accordance with signed food and housing contract. View an updated housing contract on the Student Services page.

Guaranteed Tuition Rate Program

The Oklahoma Legislature passed a law (House Bill 3397) requiring that a new student be given the opportunity to choose to participate in the Guaranteed Tuition Rate Program. At the time of first enrollment, a full-time undergraduate student who is a resident of Oklahoma can now choose to pay a guaranteed tuition rate ($254/hr for 2023-24) based on the projected average for the next four years – as an option to the regular annual rate ($221/hr for 2023-24). The guaranteed annual rate is available only to students meeting the criteria. A listing of criteria and all applicable rules is available at the Science & Arts Business Office or on the Science & Arts website. The guaranteed rate applies only to tuition charges and does not cover mandatory or course-specific fees.

Disbursement of Books and Supplies Policy

Science & Arts does not allow students to charge books or supplies to their bill unless they have enough financial aid to cover their bill and receive a refund. Students will only be allowed to charge up to the amount of refund they would have received from their financial aid. Students must physically go to the Business Office, Troutt Hall 220, to receive a book and supplies voucher.